Frequently Asked Questions


How do I enrol?

Fill out an enrolment form, and our coordinator will be in conact with you.

How do I make or change a booking?

Bookings are made or adjusted via the Xplor home app.

What is the centre's cancellation policy?

We require 5 full business days notice prior to close of business.


My child participates in extra-curricular activities located at the school, can they go to these whilst at OSHC?

We currently have children who participate in the following extra-curricular activities; swimming (Thursdays ASC), tennis, choir, band, Grasshopper Soccer, and AFL.

If parents wish for their children to participate in these activities they must sign their children up for them externally. In order for children to be released from our care, a parent/carer must fill out an After School Activities Form.


What are the centre fees?

Click here for centre fees.

How do I pay?

Payments can be made via Debit Success through Xplor, or through the ‘pay now’ section of the Xplor App.

What is a non-communication fee?

A non-communication fee of $5 will be charged where a parent/carer has failed to inform us that their child will not be in attendance of an afternoon.

Absences can be notified via the Xplor Home App.

How do I read my statement?

Open up the Xplor Home App, and go into the finance tab. Select “show statement”, this will take you to your statement. 

The statement view shows the current week, with the date range being able to be changed. You will be able to see the opening balance at the start of the date range, the fees incurred during this period, estimated subsidy and total amount due. If the date range is for weeks after your subsidy has been processed by the government, actual subsidy will be displayed instead of estimated. 

Changing Date
Pressing on the date range will allow you to select. Only Mondays may be selected. 

Downloading Detailed Statement
Pressing the download button on the top right of the screen will download a PDF of the detailed transactions which have occurred during the specified date range.

Vacation Care

When does vacation care package and confirmation come out?

The vacation care package is made available 3 weeks prior to the commencment of the school holidays. Bookings will open when the package goes out to families, and are open for 2 weeks. Parents will be able to view bookings through the Xplor app once allocated.