Behaviour Support

Our Expectations

To assist all stakeholders in understanding our expectations at OSHC, we have come up with our top 3 critical expectations; physicality, language, and respect.

I must keep my hands and feet to myself.
When I am upset, I must use my words first. If that does not work, I will ask an educator for help.

I am not allowed to swear.
When I am frustrated I must find strategies to calm myself and avoid offensive words.

I will treat others with kindness, and show consideration for diversity.
I will show respect for myself by listening to what my body and emotions need. E.g. taking drink breaks, calming breaths when frustrated.

Behaviour Support

Flow Chart

Our  ‘Behaviour Support Flowchart’ that provides clear steps for both the children and our educators.

The flowchart has been modified from Samford State School’s ‘Playground Behaviour Support Flowchart’ to suit our setting.

We are trying to emphasise to the children the saying:

“I can reset at any stage”

This is a reminder to the children that if they reach steps 1-4, they have the power to take the time to reset their bodies and emotions, and turn their behaviour around.

The children have multiple tools and spaces available to assist them in de-escalation. Our educators are here to assist the children at all stages, and educate them on appropriate responses to their feelings and incidents.

Behaviour Support Educators

Our Behaviour Support role, is a Monday – Thursday educator whose purpose is to assist educators and children in behaviour intervention. The elected educator for the session is not counted in ratio so that they can move freely when needed to assist. Our elected Behaviour Support educators have been chosen based on their knowledge of deescalating children and inclusive practices, as well as their rapport with the children.

Active Supervision

All educators will use active supervision to ensure they are watching all children. Effective implementation of active supervision means that educators are moving around, monitoring children’s interactions, and intervening when problems arise.

Offer Support

Our elected Behaviour Support educator, will offer support to the child. The BS educator will use their knowledge of the child and deesculation strategies to help support the child/ren. This may be through the use of calming tools, listening, distraction, offering solutions, etc.

Whole Stories

Our Behaviour Support educator, allows us to take the time to talk to all stakeholders and get an understanding of the ‘whole story’.

Reset the child for success

In offering support and guidance, we are able to reset the child/ren for success so that they can return to play in an appropriate mannor.